Payloud SoundBox Pro for Instant Audio Payment Confirmation

Payloud SoundBox

Payloud Solutions, a tech startup, has launched its new product, the Payloud Soundbox Pro. This innovative device provides instant audio or voice confirmation of payments received through any QR Code or UPI app.

What is Payloud SoundBox :

The Payloud Soundbox Pro is a small, portable speaker that helps merchants keep track of their payments. With support popular payment apps such as BharatPe, PhonePe, Google Pay, Paytm, Amazon Pay, BHIM, and more, merchants will never miss another payment.

The device supports multiple languages, including Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Bangla, Urdu, Punjabi, Gujarati, and Marathi, allowing merchants to receive voice notifications in their preferred language.

This Soundbox is easy to install and connects with a mobile device seamlessly. With a 1200mAh battery, the device does not require constant charging, making it convenient for merchants on the go. In addition, the device can also be used to play music or other audio.

The Payloud Soundbox Pro offers several unique features, including an instant payment alert for merchants and a history of successful payments. The device is also designed to provide 24-hour payment count to prevent fraud and scams.

Merchants can enjoy this Payment Soundbox without any monthly subscription or additional charges for the first 18 months. There are also no installation charges, and if the service is discontinued, no fee will be charged.

In conclusion, the Payloud Soundbox Pro is a game-changer for merchants looking for an easy and convenient way to keep track of their payments. With its compact design, multiple language support, and unique features, this Payment Soundbox is the ideal solution for merchants who want to stay on top of their payments.

How Payloud SoundBox Works

This UPI Soundbox works seamlessly with the Payloud Android application. The application provides a single screen that shows the received amounts from multiple payment apps, making it easier for merchants to keep track of their payments.

The Payloud app also provides merchants with the ability to check the history of successful payments and avoid fraud and scams with its 24-hour payment count feature.

With the Payloud app and Soundbox Pro, merchants have the ability to receive instant notifications on their mobile devices and the soundbox whenever they receive a payment. The integration of the app and device provides a complete payment solution that makes it easier for merchants to manage their payments.

In addition, the Payloud app provides merchants with the flexibility to receive payments from multiple sources and any QR code, allowing them to expand their payment options. The app also eliminates the need for merchants to depend on a single QR code or app, as well as the need for Wi-Fi, extra SIMs, or monthly subscriptions.

Overall, the integration of the Payloud Soundbox Pro and Android app provides merchants with a comprehensive and convenient solution for managing their payments. Whether they are at their place of business or on the go, merchants can stay on top of their payments with this amazing Payment Soundbox solution.

Why Payloud SoundBox is made for Indians:

The Payloud Soundbox Pro is not only a cutting-edge payment solution but also proudly made in India. By manufacturing the device in India, Payloud is contributing to the country’s efforts to build a robust and self-reliant economy.

The made-in-India label is a testament to the high quality and reliability of the Payloud Soundbox Pro. The device has been designed and manufactured in India with the needs of Indian merchants in mind, ensuring that it is perfectly suited to their requirements.

In conclusion, the Payloud Soundbox Pro’s made in India origin not only makes it a reliable and cutting-edge payment solution but also contributes to the overall development of the Indian economy. By choosing Payloud, merchants can be assured that they are not only receiving a top-quality payment solution but also supporting the growth of the Indian economy.

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